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Cockpit floor Firstly hello, I have only just joined the forum but had my Manta for 18 months, it spends most of the time at Rutland W ... 4 Tue 5th Apr 2016
Masthead halyard crane failure - Help and worth checking! Grizabella lost her mast over the side whilst on her mooring last autumn. Turns out the alloy mast end plug holding the ... 4 Thu 9th Jan 2014
Missing Parts I have noticed 3 screw holes on the pre molded section in front of the stern lockers Can any one enlighten me on what s ... 5 Fri 6th Dec 2013
Winter storage Hi all, after enjoying a few months on the water with my new manta Ive hauled her out for the winter. Im just hopin ... 2 Mon 25th Nov 2013
Hull query, and some strange wires Hello all, First, thanks to those who helped with my previous post regarding a Manta with a replacement mast. In the ... 8 Mon 11th Nov 2013
Navigation lights Hi all, Can anyone give me an idiots guide to wiring my navigation to lights to the leisure battery please? Ill be h ... 2 Thu 13th Jun 2013
Centre Plate I'd appreciate comments regarding a centre plate which does not have a drilled pivot point but is hung on the keel ... 3 Fri 17th Aug 2012
Leaking Lockers Hi I have rain water coming to the cockpit lockers ,I have removed and sealed the hinges but it still leaks .Any info wo ... 4 Tue 17th Jul 2012
Hammerite One to help with your Winter maintenance: This is a reply I just got from Hammerite: "We would not recommend th ... 1 Tue 13th Dec 2011
X - Kote New product , for making your ship new! I heard about this product this week, and thougt mabey there are manta sailers ... 1 Tue 1st Nov 2011
Help - lockers are full of water. Hi, We got our Manta last December, finally managed to launch her last Wed (11 May) and left her on her mooring on Coni ... 7 Mon 6th Jun 2011
Manta 19 Seaeagle My Manta has a grey cabin top and deck. Could anyone recomend the best thing to use for cleaning the rubber marks off th ... 3 Thu 15th Oct 2009
Repairs and spares!! We are continuing successfully with getting our new Manta into a seaworthy condition. We still, though, have some diffic ... 4 Mon 27th Apr 2009