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Mast and Rigging 19 75 Tue 26th Apr 2016


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Back stay mounts On relaunching Davin this week I unfortunately managed - by heaving to hard on one of the rear pushpit to shear the back ... 1 Tue 26th Apr 2016
23ft mast Hi can you help .. my old manta mast wast broke in two and i just got my hands on a 23ft mast and got rigging with can i ... 11 Thu 16th Jul 2015
mast for a manta question if i cant get my mast fixed as its sanpped in two what other mast can i use for my manta ... 2 Thu 1st Jan 2015
standing rigging Hi I recently bought a manata 19 but it didnt come with any rigging gear. I am just wondering if anyone has these measur ... 2 Sun 14th Dec 2014
Replacement spreaders and bracket Has anyone replaced the spreaders and spreader mast bracket on their Manta? I am trying to discover where I might find s ... 5 Wed 23rd Apr 2014
Plastimo 406S Hi all, I'm planning to replace my current (broken) foresail reefing system with a Plastimo 406S set-up - I see ... 7 Tue 21st Jan 2014
Manta with replacement mast Hello, An acquaintance of mine is selling a Manta 19 for roughly £2,900. The boat appears to be in decent condition ... 7 Wed 2nd Oct 2013
spreader angle Dear Manta sailors: The sailing season is over for me, which means I am starting the (more expensive) maintenance seaso ... 6 Fri 9th Nov 2012
Roller reefing Hi, can anyone offer any information on any roller reefing systems they may have fitted to their mantas. I currently ha ... 4 Fri 31st Aug 2012
replacement mast Hi, everyone, my Manta 19 needs a new mast. If you know anyone with one to sell, or if you know who supplies them, I� ... 4 Fri 22nd Jul 2011
Manta 19 Rotostay We bought Manta 19 #252 recently and my Rotostay is puzzling me a bit (Picture attached). I suppose that the forestay a ... 6 Sun 29th May 2011
How many shrouds? Looking at other people's photos I seem to have more stays. I have split backstay, forestay, cap shrouds and fore a ... 2 Tue 15th Mar 2011
spreader bracket - mast section Dear Manta Sailors: I have just bought the Manta 19 sail nr 1176. She was called Emily and was moored at the Norfolk B ... 1 Tue 19th Oct 2010
Manta Masts & Boom Apparently a chap callied Billie in Wirral , Merseyside bought the moulds for the Manta 16 and a number of masts and boo ... 1 Mon 11th Oct 2010
tabernacle hi Has anyone had a tabernacle fitted or maybe you already had one on when you bought your boat? If so do you think th ... 4 Sun 20th Jun 2010
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