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Sails and Sailing 10 24 Tue 4th Oct 2016


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How much reefing Manta allows only one reef in the main sail. Anyone any idea if that's adequate with 5-6 bft? ... 6 Tue 4th Oct 2016
Genoa / Headsail Hi all, I have recently fitted a plastimo 406s furling spar to my Manta. I fear that for the past 3 years however i hav ... 2 Mon 18th Jul 2016
Trailer Sailer Wanted Wanted by newbie to sailing ,good condition Trailer Sailor, Manta or similar Must be ready to put in the water . Ideall ... 1 Thu 14th Jul 2016
Spinnaker and asymmetric Hello Manta owners! I made a new 140% genoa this spring that has improved quite a lot the sailing especially in light ... 2 Tue 1st Dec 2015
new mainsail Hi all, I think my mainsail may not the original sail and in either case, i need a new one i think. Does anyone have ... 5 Mon 27th Jan 2014
Drying mooring Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong area? Does anyone have any experience of keeping their Manta on a drying mooring? Is ... 1 Sat 1st Jun 2013
Reefing the mainsail I see from the manta instructions that the mainsail can be reefed but I cant see how on my sail/boom. No cringles in the ... 2 Thu 18th Aug 2011
single-handed sailing Dear Manta Sailors: Anyone experienced in sailing a Manta single-handed? Any tips & tricks to share? Luis ... 1 Wed 27th Apr 2011
Furling headsail Has anyone had a brand new furling headsail made to accommodate the original furling gear supplied with the manta? I hav ... 3 Mon 13th Sep 2010
Kite sailing Rigged up third sail on a "run" at the weekend. Came with the boat and seemed to work well when hoisted with one end at ... 1 Mon 13th Oct 2008