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Sail and Hull Number 5 9 Tue 22nd Dec 2015


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Manta 16 production years I recently acquired a manta 16 which I intend to restore/use. i was wondering what year it was built as there in no pla ... 1 Tue 22nd Dec 2015
boat no. Dear, we bought our first boat. A Manta19 but I'm surching for the no. of the boat. Where can we find the produc ... 4 Tue 14th Jun 2011
Manta number/year Hi, am in the process of "reviving" a Manta which I originally acquired about 12 years ago!!! It is number 1056 built in ... 1 Thu 2nd Jul 2009
Hull and sail number Thanks Tony are right it is 77 when you zoom in . The hull no also corresponds with the sail no presumably. S ... 1 Sat 11th Oct 2008
Transom Plate Here is a picture of my transom plate , but not sure I can make out the year ! My sail no is 1081. ... 2 Sat 11th Oct 2008