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Manta Under-step Locker Hi, all, and happy New Year 2015! Whilst I've got the under-step storage box/locker out of my boat and sitting a ... 5 Mon 5th Jan 2015
Gooseneck fitting Hi All, Having just collected my Manta 19 "Crepello", Iknow there are a few jobs need doing before she hits th ... 1 Wed 26th Nov 2014
headsail cars Hi, Manta Sailors. One of my headsail cars, which have looked dodgy from day one, has finally given-up the ghost. Has a ... 1 Thu 5th Jun 2014
centreplate operation Does anyone know how long the centreplate chain is, please? Also the strop between the chain and the plate? When I rai ... 3 Thu 24th Apr 2014
12L fuel tank Hi all, Does anyone know if a 12L honda fuel tank will fit into the port locker? Dimensions of fuel tank are - 39cm ... 1 Tue 18th Jun 2013
bilge pumps Sailing season is almost here again. This year I am keeping my Mekicevica on the water. As a sensible precaution, I' ... 4 Tue 8th May 2012
Manta 19 Table Hi. I am a new owner of a Manta 19 and there is no table or leg with it. I intend to make one and would be grateful of a ... 3 Sun 14th Aug 2011
Cockpit Tent We bought a cheap tent.Easy Camp Spirit 300. Whit only at little change it work perfect. Have a look here : https://pi ... 2 Sun 17th Jul 2011
Depth sounder Has anybody had a depth sounder fitted to a Manta 19? Where is the best place to fit the transponder? ... 6 Wed 25th May 2011
leg for table Hi Again, does anyone have a photo or drawing of the leg for the table, from the under side, measurements or details of ... 6 Sun 29th Aug 2010
Hatch Hinges Grizabella's forward hatch hinges are very corroded and one broken. Anyone know of a source for a suitable replacement? ... 3 Sun 13th Jun 2010
Legs for a manta Greetings, Does anyone have photos of the legs on a Manta and/or the dimensions? Thanks, Bruce Edelsten ... 1 Sun 27th Dec 2009