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Manta 19 dimensions On the statistics page of this forum, the boat dimensions are listed as 5,66 x 2.07 meters. This in fact closely matches ... 5 Wed 20th Feb 2019
Unhappy Manta 19 Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and v new to yachting. I've been dinghy sailing for a few years but ... 3 Sun 10th Feb 2019
Capsize Hi All, I am just in the process of purchasing a Manta. After a long search with many discounts, ie Sailfish ( no self ... 6 Sun 23rd Dec 2018
New project I have just taken over an abandoned Manta that is in a very sorry state. She has been on Coniston for many years and has ... 4 Sat 8th Dec 2018
Launching Hi, new member thinking of buying a Manta 19. I read somewhere that the launching can be a little more troublesome compa ... 7 Mon 12th Dec 2016
Auxilary Options Hello. Im looking at trying to pick up a Manta 19, but I was wondering about the feasibility of installing a small di ... 2 Mon 3rd Oct 2016
Facebook Hi All. I'm struggling to find like minded people in the uk. The forum here is great, but I miss the instant new ... 1 Sat 6th Aug 2016
new owner Hi all ... 1 Fri 8th Jul 2016
New owner Hi, I'm now the proud owner of "tiller girl". Just wondering if you guys and girls had any meet ups aroun ... 4 Wed 22nd Jun 2016
Sheet to Tiller steering Hello Manta owners! I usually sail alone in my Manta and do trolling fishing. If you add to this that sometimes you h ... 2 Mon 25th May 2015
new Manta sailors Hi, fellow Manta sailors! I notice a few, new registered users but no new posts. Come on guys, let us know what you thi ... 8 Sun 22nd Mar 2015
hello all Hi just say hello to you all. I just got a manta 19ft 2 days ago and am looking forword to learning to sail her,, I am ... 1 Wed 19th Nov 2014
replacement mast or repair Hi everyone This is my first time on the site. When lowering my mast for the winter a gust of wind must have caught it ... 3 Mon 25th Nov 2013
Towing weight Hi does anybody know what the towing weight is approx, i realise it depends on the trailer size etc, but would like e ro ... 3 Sat 8th Jun 2013
Manta 19 Hallo suche Fensterdichtungen für meine Manta No.190 -1973 und zwei Schotklemmen lg Michael in ?sterreich nicht ... 1 Sat 5th Dec 2009
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