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Keel and Centre Plate 14 69 Thu 12th Nov 2015


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Bilge Keels / Centreboard I have been told that the centreboard is not designed to be dropped on the Bilge Keel version. Is this correct ? ... 4 Thu 12th Nov 2015
keel replacement fun begains Today i got a chance to have a look at my little sailboat my keel it looks bad it looks like the drop keel has been ... 6 Sat 6th Dec 2014
Keel position Hello! Thank you Luis! I will shorten the chain then... And yes, this little boat will sail along the Rias for a ... 2 Thu 5th Jun 2014
Keel reattachment Hello, I recently had to have the keel reattached to my Manta due to corrosion of the pivot bolt. The problem is, th ... 6 Thu 29th May 2014
Keel Removal Before I start breaking into the vertical tube which supports the bridge deck and through which the centre plate chain r ... 4 Wed 10th Apr 2013
Centre Plate dimensions Help! I have been able to get my employers engineering dept to plasma cut a plate to the dimensions posted on this si ... 13 Sat 6th Apr 2013
centre plate and leeway Does anyone know exactly how important is the centre plate on the 3-keel version of the Manta 19? Does it really have ... 3 Tue 6th Sep 2011
Centre Plate Lifting Chain Hi. When attempting to lift the centre plate chain today it appeared to be jammed. Only have had the boat for a few week ... 6 Sun 4th Sep 2011
cost of new keel Sorry to lower the tone of this thread by talking about money! We need a new keel for Davin as the present one is too t ... 6 Fri 26th Aug 2011
keel material Dear Manta Sailors: Approaching the last stages of the refit of Mekicevica. Finally got to take a look at the lifting k ... 6 Tue 10th May 2011
Manta 19 centreplate Has anybody fitted a stainless steel keel or rudder and is it likely that this would cause problems? The advantages seem ... 1 Sun 8th May 2011
Manta19 keel Hi I have just been asked to replace the lifting keel on a Manta19 can anyone help me to obtain the size and shape of th ... 9 Thu 5th May 2011
Manta Centre Plate Can anybody explain to me how the mechanism for raising and lowering the centreplate is attached to the top of the centr ... 2 Wed 20th May 2009
Centreplate fixed Had the manta centreplate removed this week. It was jammed with rust and sand but in good condition , so a lick of keel ... 1 Thu 30th Oct 2008