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This site contains information and articles written by people interested in trailer sailing and Manta yachts. It has a forum which is full of advice with answers to many common questions about Mantas and sailing.

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Sophie - A Manta 19 Trailer Sailer No 1239 built by Blakes Marine of Hoylake in 1983

A Manta 19 Trailer Sailer On The WaterI started a Manta 19 web site when I bought Sophie back in July 2000. She is a really pretty trailer sailer yacht, like no other I have seen and I just love sailing her.

The first web site I did was published at It was a collection of personal web pages written as a 'log' of my sailing experiences on Sophie. Sophie's trailer sailing log is now in the blog section. I started receiving quite a lot of email messages from other Manta 19 trailer sailer owners who had seen Sophie's log and so I created a web page and added the content of the emails I had received. The web page has been reproduced within this site under the 'Other Manta 19s' link in the home page section.

As the original site started to become more popular I began to receive queries from Manta 19 yacht sailors all over the world. The number of questions I was receiving began to increase and were often very similar so I decided to have a go at making a manta message board using PHP.

Since then I have done many improvements and changes making the site into what you see today and I am continuing to develop it further during my spare time as a hobby. I hope you like the latest changes to the manta sailing forum and enjoy the improvements to the manta trailer sailer blogging section.


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