How To Use Search

Search is performed using a MySql fulltext search. This uses a 'natural language' search technique which aims to give results which best match your chosen search words.

Your search words should be 4 or more characters long and all of the words you enter will be used to score the search results. The highest scoring results are shown first and these are calculated to be the most relevant to the words you have entered.


  1. If you enter separate words keel centre plate search will look for things that contain any of the words you have entered with the most relevent containing the most matches to your words.
  2. You can use the + and - symbols in front of a word e.g. +keel centre plate would show results that contain the word keel and either words centre or plate. Using the + symbol in front of all of your search words e.g. +keel +centre +plate would show results that contain all of the search words. Whereas +keel -centre -plate would search for things that contain the word keel but not the words centre or plate.
  3. If you want to search for a specific phrase you should enclose it in double quotes: e.g. "Manta 19 Trailer Sailer" and the results will only show items that contain an exact match to your phrase.

Search is not case sensitive so searching for trailer sailer, Trailer Sailer or TRAILER SAILER will produce exactly the same search results.


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