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We have owned Paprika for 15 years now and she has changed a bit over the years. The original interior woodwork has gone to be replaced by a two cabin layout with a fixed stove and side lockers. Inevitably the keel needed replacing (big thank you to this site for the drawing and guidance!) and we have reverted to hanked jibs and a slab reef main. The No 1 has alovely red pepper painted on it, our own spinnaker. So if you see a floating salad on the Clyde do say hello. Here she is in Rothesay, a favourite overnight trip.

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Galley on a Manta

This arrangement replaces the standard under the bunk cooker and also adds lockers in place of the shelves. New cushions too, I hadn't realised how flat the old ones were getting! The moulded step has been replaced by a lift up lid with pan stowage under it

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And two cabins

A bulkhead on the mast hoop makes the saloon very snug, but for two it gives a separate heads/ store fwd and a very cosy cabin

An image on Blog Paprika 2009An image on Blog Paprika 2009

Ready to go

Here she is on our mooring in the Gareloch ready to go. Scottish weather is always like this!

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Round Bute

This summer Paprika and I sailed round Bute non stop to raise money for a friend who supports a hospital in Ghana. It was worth it for the sunset just off the south tip of Bute.

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