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News from Holland!

Here the start of my blog, we bought the Manta 19 last year, she's from 1976. We bought her in Friesland . We have changed a lot of things to fresh up the Manta, and we enjoy it to sail with her on the ijsselmeer. In august we will go on holiday with the Manta for 2 or 3 weeks to friesland ! The ijsselmeer is not the most easy sea to sail on, because the waves are short and high by wind force 5 or more!
But the boat is very seaworthy, every time again shes playing with the waves it seems!
Here a picture of our box, greetings Constance and Bas.

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last year, just arrived from friesland, two days cleaning!



Sailnumber 1044

The first time into the water!

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