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Windows 6Thu 24 Jun 2010 01:27:39
PIPIN PIPIN Sun 30 May 2010 10:58:30 Hi, I have purchased new windows,rubbers and sealing strip for my Manta but having removed the port side one and cleaned the apperture,am finding it impossible to replace. Has anybody any experience in this or tips! Tim and Pipin


Mark Mark Mon 31 May 2010 20:40:07 Yep, they are a really tricky to get fitted. I did Sophie's a few years ago and it took me the whole weekend.

I'm not sure if the way i did it was or is the best way but it was the only way I could manage it.

What I did:

1. There is a special tool getting the perspex around the rubber which I bought from Morton Boats. It wasn't expensive and is a handle thing with a couple of different shaped blunt hook attachments. I used the one that looked a bit like Captain Hook's hook!.

2. I fitted the rubber seals into the hole first and then lubricated the window edge of the seals with a bit of washing up liquid - silicon grease would have been better but I didn't have any.

3. From the out side of the boat, I placed the new window into the bottom grove of the fitted rubber seal pushing it as far back into the rubber as hard as I could. Using the 'hooky' tool which I fed over windows edge and under the rubber seal, able to get the remaining seal over the lip of the window by moving the tool around the window.

The hardest bit was the narrower ends of the windows.

I have enclosed a picture of the tool - don't know the proper name for it though.
Mark Mark Mon 31 May 2010 21:04:55 Just remembered something else.

If the join in the rubber seal (where the 2 ends meet) is at the bottom you likely to have problems with leaks when it rains. I fitted my seals so the the join was in the middle of the wide edge at the back of the window and have had no leak problems.

I noticed that there is a bit of info in the Old Message Board which you can get to via the link on the home page.
Col Col Fri 11 Jun 2010 16:07:10 Hi, I did both windows last year and had a couple of days fighting the seals. I found that the trick was to get both ends in first and then lever the top and bottom long edges in with the widget Mark described. I first tried to put sealant in the seals as recommended by the supplier but only managed to get silicone all over the window and the seals got very slimy. Cleaned it all of and tried the wash up liquid and that worked. I worked sealant in with a very fine nozzle pushed under the edge of the seal when it was all together.

Works Ok now and no leaks so far. Good luck
waterboatman waterboatman Mon 14 Jun 2010 22:30:04 Hi,

A not too nice job and one which you will need some help. I suggest washing up liquid as this will eventually just disappear but you will need to feed some wire/strong string between the window rubber and the frame and chase it along with help from an assistant outside whilst you are inside pushing for all you are worth. Don't push too hard because the window will pop out.. It can be done but the tight angles make it rather physical. You need someone with very strong thumbs!

Good luck.
jerryb jerryb Thu 24 Jun 2010 01:20:20 Hi all, purchased a manta 3 weeks ago and having great fun fixing her up. replaced the windows and seals yesterday, purchased the seals from a web site, (google seals for boats) towed the boat to nearest auto windscreen centre, 10
jerryb jerryb Thu 24 Jun 2010 01:27:39 just replaced ours windows and new seals, towed her to nearest windscreen centre, they repaced them in an hour, 60 euros, leave it to the experts...
we have too much painting and sanding to do...

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