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We bought a Manta 2Tue 31 Mar 2009 11:19:01
Crumble Crumble Mon 30 Mar 2009 11:12:47 We have finally bought the Manta that we found in a poor state in SW Ireland. It is hull number 1181 dated 1978. I have taken some pics and will load these over the next week. In the meantime after a clean up and rigging we need some help. All 4 bottle scews for port and starboard inners and outers are bent, are these damaged or designed like that? We have no mechanism for raising and lowering the centre plate. Just a s/s plate with two small lugs to the aft sde of the hole. What type of equipment do we need to look for? Does the cabin have a removable floor above the shallow fibreglass bilge? Lastly, do the twin aft stays attach to the top or bottom of the pushpit lugs? Hope someone can help..


Mark Mark Mon 30 Mar 2009 16:58:03 Contgratulations on buying your Manta.

Answer to your questions are:
1. Bottle screws shouldn't be bent. This has happend as they stick a little bit on the 'deck hoops' and if you're not careful you bend them when you raise the mast.

2. There should be a handle on a chain for raising and lowering the keel plate. Looks like yours has snapped off. i had the same problem with Sophie's centre plate - see log for details.

3. You should have 2 floor boards that go over the bilge.

4. Aft stay should go to the bottom lugs of the pushpit. The previous owner of Sophie had attached them to the top but this pulled the pushpit in bending them a bit over time and weakening the fibreglass where they are mounted.

Hope this helps
Crumble Crumble Tue 31 Mar 2009 11:19:01 Mark
Many thanks for your very quick response and advice. We have sourced the window rubbers and they are on their way. Now we will get started on repairs etc. Thanks again Andrew

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