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Help please, new owner with questions 4Sun 12 May 2019 23:16:54
Drucouloir Drucouloir Thu 09 May 2019 21:24:50 Hi everyone,
All things willing I think I've found a boat.
I'm writing about it here as it is of course a Manta 19.
Hurrah! I'm fantastically excited, a 50yr old counting days like a 5yr old waiting for Christmas.
I've probably jinxed the whole thing by writing as if the deal is done however, on the off chance that everything goes to plan I need to pick the forum's collective brain.

I'm heading off to collect the boat in a few weeks so the first thing is going to be building a trailer.
I can do the welding but without having been able to measure the bottom of a Manta, or a trailer I'd be very grateful for some help please. I've made some rough guestimates from pictures on this forum but more accurate measurement would be very helpful if anyone can help out.

I'm very taken with the launch trolley/dolly that Paddy Carolan has for Cynara but just for now I'm trying to copy the original trailer. I'm open to any ideas people may have about building a better trailer that makes launching and recovery as easy as possible.

The boat is one of the single keel models and these are the dimensions I need please -

From a boat: - 1/ Length from transom to rear of keel 2/ Length of keel box 3/ Width of keel box.

From a trailer:- 1/Length of the two main members that run the from the back of the keel to the tow ball.
2/ Width of the gap between the two members (ie. how wide is the spacing to allow the keel to sit between them).
3 Placements of the hull supports - I'm guessing but it looks as though the rear supports are located roughly 300mm from the rear of the keel box and roughly 600mm from the centre line of the trailer. The front supports seem to be roughly level with the front of the keel and maybe 500mm from the centre line?

I'd be very grateful for any of the above. Alternatively, if there's an owner within an hour or so's drive of Oxford who'd let me lose with a tape measure I'd be super grateful and will come armed with bottles of thanks.

Fingers crossed someone can help out with this, thanks for reading,



Ian reid Ian reid Sun 12 May 2019 09:29:14 I’m in the process of building a trailer for mine based on a caravan chassis. This is working out quite well. I paid £100 for a stripped chassis which is fairly typical price. A lot cheaper than buying the steel and the suspension and hitch.
Anyway I can get some of the dimensions for you when I go to boat later.
Drucouloir Drucouloir Sun 12 May 2019 15:59:46 Many thanks Ian, the caravan chassis is worth looking into.
How're you getting on with yours? Have you sourced a new swing keel or will you be fabricating one yourself?
Ian reid Ian reid Sun 12 May 2019 22:17:41 Swing keel all sorted. Cut in out myself from a sheet of 6mm steel. Nightmare to get it all lined up and make it fit. Trailer is nearing completion . I have been able to mostly bolt onto the chassis as I am not a welder.
Can’t help you with many of the measurements your asking for as mine is not the original trailer if such a thing exists.
From a boat: - 1/ Length from transom to rear of keel 1720
2/ Length of keel box at top 2000
3/ Width of keel box.150

From a trailer:- 1/Length of the back of the keel to the tow ball. Approx 4500
Axle to tow ball (for balence) 3500
Drucouloir Drucouloir Sun 12 May 2019 23:16:54 Brilliant, many thanks.
I have some 6mm plate left over from another project, I'd discounted it as too flexible for the swing keel, be very
interesting to see how that works for you.
Thanks again for your help with the dimensions.
Hope I can return the favour.

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