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keel material 5Tue 10 May 2011 21:30:37
Mekicevica Mekicevica Fri 18 Mar 2011 15:29:55 Dear Manta Sailors:
Approaching the last stages of the refit of Mekicevica. Finally got to take a look at the lifting keel. Not as good as I had hoped for, but with a bit of cleaning and painting, it will do for this season.

What are your lifting keels made of?
I read something about stainless steel, but that is not the original, is it? It seems to me SS would only accelerate corrosion of the balast keel, which is more important and harder to replace.

I am considering bolting a zinc anode to the balst keel. Although all steel boats seem to use them, I have never seen zinc anodes on the keels of sailing boats. Any ideas/comments?


Mark Mark Wed 23 Mar 2011 23:27:57 I replaced mine with mild steel. No anode but that's because It's in my back garden on a trailer when I'm not using it.

If I were to keep on a mooring then I would seriously consider an anode somewhere on the keel.
Mekicevica Mekicevica Thu 24 Mar 2011 10:39:52 Thanks, Mark. I think I am going to attach an anode to my keel.
It maybe a braces and belt attitude, but whist I am confident doing most repairs on fibreglass, replacing the keel would be a logistic nightmare (that I will have to face someday)
Mark Mark Sat 26 Mar 2011 08:08:50 Good luck with the anode Luis.

I'd be interested to see where you fit it
organem organem Sun 08 May 2011 18:57:29 I assume that the anode would have to go on the ballast keel.
Mekicevica Mekicevica Tue 10 May 2011 21:30:37 In theory the anode can go anywhere as long as it is immersed and in electrical contact with the keel.
In the end I didn't install it. Started thinking of all the added turbulence around the keel.
Am I turning into a racer?

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