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centre plate and leeway 2Tue 06 Sep 2011 13:42:10
Mekicevica Mekicevica Wed 31 Aug 2011 09:19:12 Does anyone know exactly how important is the centre plate on the 3-keel version of the Manta 19?

Does it really have a significant effect in reducing leeway, or do the bilge keels do that anyway?

This winter I am planning major works on Mekicevica's keel and I wonder if it wouldn't be worth just removing the centre plate and have a solid ballast keel.



Mark Mark Fri 02 Sep 2011 09:28:53 I don't know the answer to this one but the only thing I can suggest is try it before you do it.

The problem you could encounter without the centre plate is that you will reduce the lateral resistance i.e. induce more leeway which may not normally be a problem but could be serious if you get caught out in a blow as you might find you have introduced lee helm - a tendency for the boat to always want to turn away from the wind which you will need to counter by keeping the tiller to the lee to keep her on the wind. In strong winds a boat with lee helm will turn away from the wind in gusts which will make the main sail generate more power and can also make the boat uncontrollable particularly if the lee helm is severe.

As I say I don't know if you will experience this with a triple keel Manta but I would try sailing on a windy day with the plate up and see how the tiller feels before doing it.
Mekicevica Mekicevica Tue 06 Sep 2011 13:42:10 Thanks for the advice. You are right, I should just try it.

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