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Manta Centre Plate 1Wed 20 May 2009 13:58:11
Crumble Crumble Tue 19 May 2009 17:28:05 Can anybody explain to me how the mechanism for raising and lowering the centreplate is attached to the top of the centreplate. I have a new centreplate made that is 10mm thick and a slot 12mm thick to push it into! and no access from the top to connect to the centre plate when it is in place?

Regards Crumble


Mark Mark Wed 20 May 2009 13:58:11 Hi Crumble,

There is a lug on the back of the plate which stops it falling out when it is in the fully down position. You need to find the pivot bolt so that you can lower the front of the centre plate out and forward so you can drop the back end of it.

Sophie's plate had a small piece of wire cable on the end of a chain that had a loop in the end. the original fitting had broken and was lost so i never got to see it but I used a stainless steel shackle which I put through the loop and then through a hole at the back of the centre plate. I peened the shackle over with a hammer so it couldn't come undone and filed both sides of the shackle pin flush so that there would be no restrictions. Refitted it by putting the back of the plate in first then pushing back and all the way up until I could get the pivot bolt back in.

I wrote a bit about it in the log.

If you are sea sailing then a stainless steel shackle might not be the right thing as there will be some galvanic (electrolic) reaction between it and the iron/mild steel keel/plate. You still get some of this in fresh water but not as bad as in the sea.

Hope this helps

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