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Manta 19 Rotostay 6Sat 20 Jun 2020 08:35:01
organem organem Wed 25 May 2011 20:20:36 We bought Manta 19 #252 recently and my Rotostay is puzzling me a bit (Picture attached). I suppose that the forestay attaches to one fitting and that the tack of the jib attaches to another but which one and what is the third fitting for?

The boat was unrigged for towing when we bought her so I have to work it out from scratch. Can anybody advise please?

Manta 19 Rotostay


Mark Mark Thu 26 May 2011 22:31:37 I'm just guessing here but looking at it, I was thinking that the whole assembly should be rotated through 180 degrees so that the top turn buckle would be at the front (when the rotorstay is in the vertical position) and it would possibly be used to attach the tack of a cruising chute thus keeping it clear of a furling jib/genny.

Not sure though as I can't really see enough of the rotostay bit.

You can just about see how my furling is fitted on this photo - (I haven't got a better picture)

What do you think?
Manta 19 Rotostay
organem organem Thu 26 May 2011 23:42:25 Mark

Thanks for the comments. Your furling gear is different from mine. The whole of the fitting in my photo rotates and the jib is hanked to the forestay. It does not have a rotating spar on the stay. The rotostay drum is completely enclosed so no jamming, I hope!

"Manta Ray" is an Austrian built boat and has a set up similar to that on this boat: . I think that I can probably get what I want from his excellent pictures.

One thing I like about the Austrian boats is that they were equipped with a zip up cover for the jib!

Where are you based?
Mekicevica Mekicevica Sat 28 May 2011 23:14:03 Hi, Michael.
Congratulations on your new boat. She looks really neat. My Mekicevica and I are feeling jealous.
I agree with Mark that your roller-furling seems to be upside-down.
Also, can you really use roller-furling with a hank-on jib?
From my experience, the only advice I can give is: whatever you do, make sue your forestay is really, really tight. Otherwise you are going to have trouble.
organem organem Sun 29 May 2011 10:46:37 Hi Luis
The fitting is not "upside down", it all rotates! The early Austrian boats all seem to have this type of Rotostay and hanked jib. My only problem is which of the three lines attach to which of the fittings, i.e. forestay, jib halyard and jib downhaul. The instructions in the Blakes assembly manual are confusing and do not seem to tally with the photo's posted by Marcell Schliehe at
I get the impression that the luff of the jib is intended to be tightened by the downhaul so that it takes over from the forestay when sailing. That might explain why the bottlescrew is offset to one side.
I will just have to fiddle around until I find the answer. It may become obvious when I put the mast up.
Meantime I am busy deciding where to fit the echo sounder and painting the rudder blade which was becoming corroded, 2 coats of Hammerite non-ferrous primer, 1 of Hammerite and then antifouling.
Crossing fingers about condition of centre plate, the previous owner did not use it as he sailed mainly on a shallow lake in Germany. I may get her lifted out later in the year and have a look.
I may continue to use my blog as a running log.
Happy Sailing!
Manta 19 Rotostay
Mekicevica Mekicevica Sun 29 May 2011 23:04:49 Hi, Michael.
I agree you should wait until you have the mast up and then the assembly of the rotostay may look more obvious.
About the rudder: forget about Hammerite and all the DIY-store stuff. I tried that,thinking I was being clever and saving a lot. Big mistake. It just does not work in the water.
Remove as much rust as you can by sanding, and rust remover. Wash thoroughly.
Before it rusts again, seal with about 5 to 7 coats of Primocon.
What you finish with, depends on what you are going to do. If you are keeping your boat out of the water, than you don't need anti-fouling. However you will find that after a week in the water weed will start sticking, unless you use anti-fouling. I use Interspeed, which is meant for power boats. I was told by the guys of International Yacht Paint that the anti-fouling for sailing boats becomes ineffective if it is allowed to dry.
You will be shocked by the price of the boat paint, but believe me: we have no alternative. Whatever you pay for other stuff will be wasted, because you will finally have to come back to marine-graded products.
Hope this helps.
mhsorens mhsorens Sat 20 Jun 2020 08:35:01 For anyone wondering about the original rotostay arrangement the diagram in this brochure is very close to the arrangement. I plan to update the furling forestay as I remember to have read that the original setup doesn't allow for partial unrolls (reefs) as it may damage the foresail. Is this true?
Manta 19 Rotostay

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