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23ft mast 10Thu 16 Jul 2015 22:24:25
KevinEGAN KevinEGAN Mon 08 Jun 2015 19:44:04 Hi can you help .. my old manta mast wast broke in two and i just got my hands on a 23ft mast and got rigging with can i use 23ft mast with my 19ft manta are do i have to cut it to size ..
thx kevin


iam heading to france for a few days and wont get to reply untill i get back


jb jb Tue 09 Jun 2015 14:42:40 Hi Kevin,
(I'm no rigger, but.... smile)
I measured my mast at about 20'2", so I wouldn't consider a 23' mast too big to try; assuming the rig is of the same style and you can fit it securely, try it out on a not-too breezy day to see how the boat behaves.
Areas I might be more concerned about are if the mast has a heavier profile and/or heavier rigging wire - tensioning the rig could put a lot more stress on the hull, and extra weight high up may affect stability. If unsure get some advice from someone who can physically come and check it over for you.
There are a few postings on this site from Manta owners with broken masts, I'd be interested to know what happened and where abouts (on the mast!)the break occurred - perhaps a bit of a weak point, as these boats get older.

KevinEGAN KevinEGAN Fri 19 Jun 2015 20:53:12 thanks john for your reply ..yes its a bit on the heavier and the rigging is a bit ticker then the older ones from the manta and I measured my mast at 24ft not 23ft as I said oops I am now thinking it would be a bit safer to cut it to the 20ft and move the mast spreaders as well I am not sure how far to move them ,would i be right in saying about 50% of the mast and the mast spreaders are around 27incs long they will be have to be cut to size as well ..and i have to make up a mast step for it

again any help would be great

jb jb Sun 21 Jun 2015 05:36:33 Hi Kevin, I'll be up at my boat in the next 2-3 days so I can get you my measurements for spreader position and length when I'm there, if that would help.
On a cautious note. If, as you say, the standing rigging is step up from the original, size wise, I'd be concerned about the extra stress this would put on the hull; for example, my forestay is 4mm 1x19, tensioning it to about 15% breaking strain (a rough guideline for forestays) takes it to about 230kg; with 5mm wire you'd be looking at an almost 50% increase in pull to 340kg for the same degree of tension, multiplied through all the stays, this is a lot of extra stress being put on a hull, that it may not be designed or manufactured to handle. Not putting enough tension through the rig can be equally, if not more damaging, as it will flex more, putting more strain on the fittings. sad
(I have previous history of overtensioning a rig!)
This really is about the limit of my rigging knowledge; that's why I can only suggest, if you're not sure, try and get someone locally, who knows what they're doing, to check it out for you!

KevinEGAN KevinEGAN Sun 21 Jun 2015 22:29:56 thanks john that would be great
jb jb Sat 27 Jun 2015 01:23:53 Hi Kevin;
Distance from mast head to spreaders - 320 cm (mast total length 615 cm)
Spreader length - 64 cm, mast to tip
Spreaders angled back approx. 20 deg, spreaders tip to tip 122 cm

Hope this is helpful

KevinEGAN KevinEGAN Sun 28 Jun 2015 01:15:24 thanks john for taken the time to measure for me thats a great help i will keep you posted .. i am off tomorrow to a yacth jumbel sale hope to pick up one or to things there ..and i will start painting here soon just finished sanding here to day
again thank you
KevinEGAN KevinEGAN Thu 09 Jul 2015 22:12:54 nothing done with the mast yet but i will be starting to add paint to her at the week end happy days
KevinEGAN KevinEGAN Tue 14 Jul 2015 23:56:36 john would you have a picture of your back stay set or any one
jb jb Thu 16 Jul 2015 14:37:12 Hi Kevin, find attached two picks showing the backstay- it attaches at the back of the mast head fitting and either side of the transom, and is tensioned by the turnbuckle, as illustrated, in coordination with the forestay.
(That's not me in the pics, it's Grebe's previous owners, the pics are from this site)
Hope this helps.
23ft mast
KevinEGAN KevinEGAN Thu 16 Jul 2015 22:24:25 again john thanks a mill

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