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Rivets for the spreaders 2Thu 27 Apr 2023 07:50:13
Boyanoy Boyanoy Sat 22 Apr 2023 22:07:06 Hello, almost time for launching, last jobs on the boat and then I see that the rivets on the mast are bad and need to be replaced. Partly those that hold the spreaders and also the rivets that hold the attachment at the bottom of the mast. Has anyone replaced these and know what kind of rivets they are supposed to be, are they hammer rivets? length, diameter? Weird question but haven't seen rivets like that before. /Stefan


Boyanoy Boyanoy Sat 22 Apr 2023 22:31:37 just saw a picture of the mast foot here on the forum, I didn't know if it was solid or hollow, hollow was it and then it would probably work fine with a normal rivet, I guess the foot is about 5mm thick in material. thanks Ian & Julie who had posted the pictures from their repair!
Mark Mark Thu 27 Apr 2023 07:50:13 Mine uses stainless steel pop rivets on the fixtures/fittings.
There is a good selection here:

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