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bilge pumps 3Tue 08 May 2012 21:31:35
Mekicevica Mekicevica Wed 07 Mar 2012 15:28:25 Sailing season is almost here again. This year I am keeping my Mekicevica on the water. As a sensible precaution, I'd like to install a bilge pump.
Does anybody have any experience with bilge pumps in the Manta?
What pump, where to place it, where to put the discharge, etc..


Mekicevica Mekicevica Mon 07 May 2012 14:14:25 I have found a good way to install a bilge-pump on the Manta. The pump goes on the lower, forward part of the bilge and the discharge is into the centre-plate box, via a hose that passes under the floorboards and behind the the shelving under the companion-way.
More details in Mekicevica's blog:
bilge pumps
StuartH StuartH Tue 08 May 2012 11:05:34 Thats a pretty neat idea, but do you get much water in?
Mekicevica Mekicevica Tue 08 May 2012 21:31:35 It was a just-in-case sort of thing. But boy, am I glad I did it. After the work on Mekicevica's keel there was a gaping hole in the centre-plate box and she would have sunk if the bilge pump hadn't kicked into action.
(You can read the story at
Even without this sort of thing, I believe that a small boat that is kept on the water should have an automatic bilge pump. I read somewhere that more (small) boats sink in the harbour than at sea.
But the straight answer to your question is no, we normally just get a little bit of rain water in the bilges from small leaks and condensation.

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