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Mooring/Berthing Arrangements Sat 06 Jun 2020 12:46:23
Red Herring Red Herring Sat 06 Jun 2020 12:46:23 Red Herring is now afloat and will be kept on an alongside berth at the Cam Sailing Club. Having been used to boats with plenty of cleats and fairleads I find that there aren't enough on the Manta to allow a conventional rigging of warps, both when coming alongside and when securing the boat once there. I am used to sailing or motoring up with a midships line rigged, ready to drop over a convenient cleat on the dock to bring the boat under control and then setting up bow and stern lines and springs.
Red Herring has a sampson post/cleat on the foredeck with a fairlead on each bow, and on each side at the stern there are 2 cleats and a single fairlead. Most noticeable is the lack of any midships cleat or fairlead.
I would welcome advice on how to rig a Manta 19, using existing fittings, for coming alongside safely single handed and then for securing the boat.



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