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Pat Mc Mahon - Tue 23 Jan 2007 22:34:34 Hi Everyone, when you feel helpless it is realy great to have this site. I have just recently bought a Manta & need to solve a few problems. A number on the transom reads 76-1039 which I assume is the year of manufacture & boat number. For a 30 year old boat it is in reasonable condition but some work has to be done. Firstly I need a main sail - anybody with one in good condition they are willing to sell? If not I need the sail measurements to have one made. I can get the luff & foot measurements from the mast & boom but can anybody tell me the leech measurement? Also I need to know the main sheet block arrangement to the floor of the cockpit(photograph?). Finally, does it make any difference if the bolt tightening the goose-neck to the mast is above or below? Any advice to my e-mail would be much appreciated.


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