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Martin Palmer - Wed 02 May 2007 22:29:04 I have recently acquired the hull and deck moulding for a Manta 16. I intend to build this up over the next couple of years. If there is anyone out there with any information on the Manat 16 I would greatly appreciate it. The only details I have are from Practical Boat Owner issue 413 (May 2001) that has a brief specification.

The opportunity to have a look at a complete Manta 16 would be very useful.


Martin Palmer


Mark - Thu 03 May 2007 23:18:47 I only ever saw one once and that was 'Topsy' at Lake Bala a few years ago. See photo on the other manta's page. It was moored very close to the Bala sailing club so there might be someone there who knows the owner. For contact details have a look at their website at
Good Luck.

Tony Hulland - Thu 02 Aug 2007 19:26:27 I just came across you posting,I have a complete Manta 16 on a trailer which needs a refurb.I made a start last year but since then have found a new mast,and made a tabernacle, so I will have to do some back tracking.
If you need any details feel free to contact me,my boat is in the Lake District if this is near enough for you to get a look or I will let you have photographs and measurements etc.The area I am having to guess is the rudder as this was missing, I have made one but quite how it will perform only time will tell.
Let me know if I can be of any help as I need a bit of a push to get going,I reckon if I devoted a couple of 40 hour weeks to it I could sail it.



Martin Palmer - Fri 02 Nov 2007 12:37:45 Tony,

I haven't visited the Manta site for a while so have only just seen your post. One thing I do have is a picture of a Manta 16 out of the water with a rudder, I think you could probably scale from the picture. I have attached it. Shame I didn't see your post before as I was travelling down the M6 last month! I used to live in Tebay and work in Kendal so know the lakes fairly well.

Any pictures you have I would great fully appreciate. If you want to sent them direct to martinrpalmer (with the space replaced with @).

Let me know how you are progressing.

Martin Palmer Manta 16

Stephen Hird - Mon 11 Feb 2008 20:50:58 I have recently purchased a Manta 16 and it came with the original sales brochure. There are four pages, I've attached the most useful one (this message board only lets you attach one photo. If you want the other pages then let me have your email address and I'll send them on.


email: Manta 16

Mark - Tue 12 Feb 2008 11:46:11 Fantastic. Any chance you could scan the whole thing in and send it to me so I can add it into the site?

James - Wed 05 Mar 2008 20:56:38 Have a manta 16 in very good condition but no engine would you like to make me a offer.? Live in Dublin Regards


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