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Mike F - Tue 29 May 2007 08:07:40 Hello,
I have just bought Manta 1214 built 1979 and we are sailing her on Windermere. Does anyone have any info on rigging the spinnaker. ie height of D ring for pole and height of top pulley for halyard; rope size and length for halyard and sheet; I see from the data sheet the area is 17m2 does anyone know the dimensions of the foot or luff or a sailmaker with the pattern. Any info or pics would be much appreciated.


Chris Nuttall - Tue 14 Aug 2007 11:14:38 Mike
Hope this may be of some use to you. I have some of the sales stuff that went with a manta , on it are the max sizes for racing sails. Within all the sizes is the size for a spinnaker. as follows:
foot 3.76m
luff 6.1m
center length 5.0m
If you divide the center length into 4 , the width of the sail at 1/2 height is 4.0m at 3/4 height width is 3.14m.
Hope this makes sense.
Pole height on my mast is 210 mm from the mast foot.
The sail area noted on the sheet for the above size is 18sq m
If you get a spinny that needs a repair drop me a line , I'm up in Carlisle doing canvas and sail work new and repairs.
email svmakojojo2003@yahoo.co.uk

Mark - Tue 14 Aug 2007 13:08:55 Chris,

Do you have any info on how the spinnaker is rigged on a Manta?

Also, I wonder if you could e-mail the sales details you have so I can publish them on the site

Chris Nuttall - Wed 15 Aug 2007 13:51:21 The manta i have has never as far as i know had a spinnaker on her But, the articles i have also state that all the spinnaker fittings are already insatalled. So sorry cant help with rigging one. I tend to prefer the gennaker built to the max genoa size out of spinnaker cloth as you really just fly it like a genoa.
One other note in the stuff i have is that the spinnaker recomended is the same as the Flying Dutchman.
Will see what i can do re emailing sail sizes as the drawing is i bit faded.

Chris Nuttall

Mark - Wed 15 Aug 2007 17:49:52 Thanks Chris. i had also heard that the spinnaker was the same as the flying dutchman but had never actually read it aywhere


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