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M Beacham - Sun 18 Dec 2005 17:12:21 Hi, just purchsed manta 19. Need rubber seals for cockpit windows. Any ideas ?


Mark - Thu 22 Dec 2005 22:25:37 Morton Boats got the right stuff for me. I used 5mm perspex and measured the thickness of the hull/liner around the windows which was 9mm on Sophie. The rubber seal was an 'H' section (5mm and 9mm grooves).

Fitting was very time consumming and far more difficult than I expected. The windows need to be a tight fit to make sure they don't leak. I placed a piece of perspex over the window hole on the outside of the hull then from the inside of the hull I drew on the prespex following the edge of the window hole. I removed the perspex and allowed for the thickness of the centre of the 'H' section seal and cut the perspex. I fitted the rubber seal into the window hole first and then used a special tool ease the perspex into the seal. I used a little washing up liquid to act as a lubricant as it was very difficult especially at the front end of the seals.

If Sophie's seals need replacing again I would probably get someone else to do it as it was difficult!!

Harry Horak - Wed 28 Dec 2005 14:58:03 My Idea for the Rubber seals ist the Company Schöchel in Austria Mattsee.

best regards


Michael Beacham - Sat 06 May 2006 21:30:12 Thanks for the advice. I got replacement perspex windows made up locally together with new seals and seal innards (£70 total cost) Using the right tool managed to fit them 1 hr per side. Use super glue to tack the seal to the window (only at seal ends) then push from inside with washing up liquid. Once in the frames use tool to push (push not pull) the seal innard in, from the outside. Worked a treat.

Mark - Sat 06 May 2006 22:44:05 1 hr per side, that was quick - I must have been doing something wrong. I'll give you a call if I every need mine doing again wink


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