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Dave, Knott end on Sea Lancs. - Mon 11 Feb 2008 22:12:05 We are the new proud owners of a 1977 Manta "DAVIN". Despite its age the boat is as new and origional inside. Apart from a glassed in gas bottle storage container in the port locker there is no sign of any cooker or basin ever being fitted. Is this the norm for a Manta? we would be very interested in how other Manta's are fitted out.

Boat due to go up to Coniston for the summer at the end of March.




Mark - Tue 12 Feb 2008 11:42:38 I read some of the original reviews of the Manta from boating magazines (would like to publish them here but can't because of copyrights). Apparently, the cooker was in a gimbal affair on the underside of the wooden panel under the port bunk cushion. The idea was that you just moved the cushion out of the way and turned the panel the otherway up. I think the original cookers might have been spirit burners but I don't know for sure as I have never seen one. My Manta (Sophie) shows no signs of anything ever being fitted to the panel under the port bunk. I too have the gas bottle holder in the port aft locker and there are a couple of holes through the bulk heads from the port aft lock to the port bunk locker for a gas pipe. I have a small boom tent and I have always used the cooker in the cockpit as I don't like the idea of having gas in the cabin.

Dave - Fri 15 Feb 2008 19:11:40 Thank you for your kind comments Mike. I take your point about gas in the boat and think this is another good reason to invest in a boom tent. Now putting back the internal wood work and new furnishings and should be ready to lauch mid March. We are very impressed with the build quality and design of the Manta...would cost a fourtune now to buy new.

Does the origional literature mention if the boat is unsinkable with the built in foam, or was it just for structural stength?

Kind Regards


Colin - Fri 11 Apr 2008 15:22:40 I have a Manta "Paprika". When bought I had the original 2 burner stove in the port locker, it was a gas (GAZ type) with the bottle in the Port cockpit locker. I have refitted the interior and fitted a 2 burner cooker on the aft bulkhead right next to the main hatch. The gas holder as designed drains into the locker! I raised it up so the base was above the cockpit sole, sealed it off from the rest of the locker and drilled through so that it now drains into the cockpit and so through the stern. A spirit cooker would be even better though.

Happy sailing


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