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Nathan - Sun 23 Apr 2006 21:21:29 Have just bought a Manta 19 but is missing several items...

Could anyone please post a picture of the cooker configuration. I.e. Where and how it's fitted.

Where/what portaloo fits?

The external drop-keel casing (not the drop-keel itself)appears to be very corroded. Is there any way of making repairs or replacing?

Many thanks for any help,



Michael Beacham - Sat 06 May 2006 21:22:40 Nathan. I am not aware of any internal cooker ever fitted as standard. However the standard chemical toilet supplied is as the one in Harald Horak's photos on this web site

The drop keel on mine was also corroded (inside and outside) However I used a wire brush, cleaned it as best I could then undersealed and antifouled( even though corroded, it still has the required mass.) the biggest problem is the drop keel not droping. You need this to drop for stability although it will sail up)

regards Michael Beacham

isobel - Wed 16 Aug 2006 11:39:09 Hi, Nathan, did you ever find the answer to the missing cooker problem? (I've only just spotted your query)
They were an optional extra, a gimballed two-burner gas 'hob' screwed to the underside of the port locker lid in the cabin. When you wanted to use it you just turned the lid upside down (after removing the cushion, of course), and hey presto there was the galley. It was fed gas from a bottle (a holder was supplied) in the port cockpit locker via a hole for the tubing you should find in the bulkhead.


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