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peter booker - Mon 12 Jun 2006 12:13:48 I have recently acquired a Manta 19 and am unsure if the trailer that came with the boat is set up correctly. It is a custom built one with a recess for the keel and centre plate bu only has two rollers aft for the hull to sit on. I am thinking there should be two forward as well? How much weight do you put on the keel or is all the weight taken by the hull rollers?
Any info, dimensions photos would be very welcome.




David Pugh - Wed 21 Jun 2006 16:41:12 Peter

The trailer for my Manta had a total of four pads to support the hull. Two aft of the keel plate and two forard. There was also a roller under the bow in addition to a vee shaped bow restraint positioned as a 'stop' about a foot or so below the anchor roller plate.
The weight of the boat should be on the keel only; the pads or rollers are there only to maintain the stability of the boat i.e. to keep it upright. If you attempt to support any significant weight at the pads, the fibreglass hull will depress and could result in structural damage.



peter booker - Fri 11 Aug 2006 13:20:39 david,

Many thanks for your comments. I apologise for the lateness in replying however I thought no-one had anything to say so stopped looking. i am collecting the boat next week and it would be useful to position the pads as near as possible to what is needed. Don't suppose you have any measurements ie from bow to forward pad and to aft pad etc? Thanks for the fact that all the weight should be on the keel moulding. I shall be careful not to over stress this area as there appears to be some fibreglass reinforcing done under the floor boards forward of the keel.

Thanks again.



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