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Adrian Sweeney - Mon 12 Jun 2006 20:55:31 My Manta 19, "Mona", had a new centre plate fitted by previous owner but while sailing last season I was convinced it was not dropping - no tension on the chain. Last weekend managed to get the boat off her trailer and sure enough the centre plate is jammed. I spent all Saturday working on it trying to remove the gunge which is stopping it moving. I sail out of Hoylake and so she grounds on sand during the sailing season so she gunges up easily. I am sure after more work in the next couple of weeks I can remove most of the gunge but has anyone any ideas as to how to make it move once this is done if it doesn't drop on its own accord? Is there any way of getting at the top of the board from the cabin or cockpit, besides the small chain hole? Any suggestions gratefully received!


George Mellish - Wed 14 Jun 2006 10:23:19 Hi Adrian, I often have this problem when "Grizabella" is left on her trailer for longer periods.

I keep on board a c1/2 inch, 4 foot steel rod ( from B&Q).
This I insert doen the small hole with a bit of a fiddle to locate the top of the plate then give it a good shove or if necessary a sharp tap with a hammer...Locating the rod onto the top of the plate is the most difficult part - when I remember I will bring the rod home and cut/grind a groove into one end of it which should help.

Adrian Sweeney - Wed 14 Jun 2006 23:35:24 Many thanks George. Will give it a try.


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