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Funny Girl, Dragør

I recently acquired this Manta 19 (1973, #205) in Dragør, just South of Copenhagen. Immediately taken with her beautiful lines and original retro orange gelcoat, I'm trying hard to ignore the facts that the centreboard needs to be replaced, the ballast keel renovated and all deck hardware rebedded ... and who knows what else. But she's worth it, isn't she?

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Fixing the centreboard

On a German bulletin board I found a technical drawing of the centreboard by user "Soros", that I've used to make a 6,5 mm plywood prototype, that seems to fit like hand in glove: The dimensions differ a bit from the drawing of "Sophie"'s centreboard but was very easy to get right - and it seems to be spot on.

Unfortunately, the drawing in the thread can only be displayed after you have registered as a user - and I don't want to step on any toes by making a copy to put on this site.

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Last item to prepare and install before the launch

The brand new water cut steel centreboard arrived yesterday. A little warped but nothing that couldn't be set straight by two skilled metal workers rolling, turning and tweaking for 10 minutes. Sanding, priming, undercoating, antifouling it will take some days. Meanwhile polishing, waxing as well as varnishing a few things too. Now setting my sight on election day, June 5th, as the last day before launch. Getting quite used to small setbacks, like the Sunbeam and Manta logos from the sticker-service in Germany, that seem to have decided that Hamburg is a nice place for a week off on a shelf somewhere.

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Branding the boat

The Schöchl/Sunbeam S-logo has people asking what kind of brand this is. Apparently, people don't see a lot of Austrian Sunbeam yachts around here, but I know of at least three others within a radius of 10 km. Just not brand new - or retrobranded like this old one.

I believe the new S-logo originated in the late seventies or early eighties, so - strictly speaking - it's a little ahistorical to put it on at 1973 boat, but it somehow acknowledges the heritage - and it is aesthetically pleasing.

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Water under the keel

All good things come to those who are patient and persistent. On Friday, June 20th, Funny Girl returned to the waters of the Sound after some years of languishing on the harbour meadow. I had a bit more trouble than expected with the rigging, but I am thrilled to learn that the roller reefing boom is in tip-top shape.

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User Comments

Gregers Gregers Fri 20 Sep 2019 10:20:59Hej Funny Girl, yesterday I bought a Manta 19 #233 from 1973. Jeg bor i Fredensborg, Danmark. Mvh Gregers Gram

mhsorens mhsorens Mon 23 Sep 2019 20:24:35Hi, @Gregers. Congratulations with your little boat. I will try upload designs for the Schöchl/Sunbeam & Manta logos later this week. Bit busy right now. Did you buy the blue one w. trailer listed in DK since 2018? The trailer looked OK, but I didn't really need a second Manta19 smile

Gregers Gregers Mon 13 Apr 2020 17:27:14Yes, exactly the Blue one. I'm taking off old anti-fouling before new comes on for the 2020 season. Will be sailing Esrum Lake from Fredensborg harbour.

mhsorens mhsorens Thu 04 Jun 2020 21:34:01Hi @Gregers. Just noticed that you are registered to race with #233 in Silverrudder in Sept 2020. Will be cheering for you all the way smile. I was considering the rather more laid-back SRPI 2020, but it happened to coincide with a high school reunion. Anyway, I will definitely take #205 on an longer cruise this year.

Gregers Gregers Fri 26 Jun 2020 12:49:54Thanks Funny Girl, Yes I'm getting ready for the Silverrudder singlehanded race around Fuen in September. Let's keep i touch. Gregers


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