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Keel chain broken, can I leave it for now? 2Sun 11 Jul 2021 09:10:54
Sasha Sasha Wed 07 Jul 2021 08:36:17 So my chain for lifting keel has broke. Boat is in the water, so my question is, can I leave it like that for next few months until i pull it out of the water and fix it later? I pull up keel only when I'm in marine, otherwise keel is always down. It can't drop full down right? there is little part that keeps keel to fall down?


Mark Mark Fri 09 Jul 2021 08:12:02 It should be OK without the chain if the stop 'lugs' on the back of the plate/keel haven't corroded too much. It they have, then the plate can hang down vertically which might cause you a problem in shallow water. When your chain was attached, then if it went slack when you fully lowered the plate then the stop lugs are probably OK. There's a few pictures here showing the the plate can drop out of the keel:
Sasha Sasha Sun 11 Jul 2021 09:10:54 Cool. I think it's not corroded.. I tried to lift it with hand in the water below the boat, and it's not stucked, so I guess it can wait until end of summer for repair smile

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