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keel lifting chain 3Sat 08 Jul 2023 21:50:50
mantaray mantaray Fri 28 Apr 2023 09:21:45 my boat sits on a mooring in a lake and I leave the keel down all year. When I set up the boat after winter I tried to lift the keel and the chain just came free and disconnected from the keel. This is no problem providing the keel rests on the restraining lug and doesn't drop right down, how secure is this restraining lug I have read here that sometimes the keel lug can fail


mantaray mantaray Fri 28 Apr 2023 09:25:37 also presumably to re attach the chain you would have to remove the keel or is another way possible to re-attach the chain
Mark Mark Sun 07 May 2023 12:02:48 You can refit the chain by removing the centre plate (not the whole keel).
You will need your manta out of the water and off the trailer.
There is a pivot bolt which on my manta was hard to find as it was resined over, but if you undo the pivot bolt you can drop the plate out front end first and then the back end will drop past the retaining lug. Some info on how I did it is here: and also here: . There is also some other very similar info from others which you can find using the site search. Hope that helps - take a few photos when you do it so we know how you got on smile
Ian & Julie Ian & Julie Sat 08 Jul 2023 21:50:50 Some tips here that might or might not be of use !

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