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Bilge Keels or drying out legs 6Wed 09 Aug 2023 22:00:01
Drucouloir Drucouloir Sun 23 Jul 2023 20:12:06 Hi all,
Can anyone point me to pictures of these "keels" please?
I know that they're unballasted & so not sure if they're called keels at all but I hope you all know what I mean.


Ian & Julie Ian & Julie Sun 23 Jul 2023 21:22:54
That’s all I’ve been able to find, sorry if it’s not what you were looking 👀 for …
Drucouloir Drucouloir Mon 24 Jul 2023 22:29:29 Thank you, yes that's exactly what I'm thinking of but couldn't find any pictures showing the legs.
Lovely story of their travels, I've been aspiring to their adventurous spirit for years.
Mark Mark Tue 25 Jul 2023 23:23:23 A picture of a bilge keel is here:

and here:
Drucouloir Drucouloir Fri 28 Jul 2023 09:32:33 Thanks Mark
manta midge manta midge Mon 07 Aug 2023 18:39:05 So my manta has drying out legs which I made myself
Bilge Keels or drying out legs
Drucouloir Drucouloir Wed 09 Aug 2023 22:00:01 Thank you, those are excellent and she looks great.

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