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Furling headsail 2Mon 13 Sep 2010 17:56:56
waterboatman waterboatman Mon 14 Jun 2010 22:24:06 Has anyone had a brand new furling headsail made to accommodate the original furling gear supplied with the manta? I have a rather large, lazy headsail which furls from the base in a blow but doesn't follow all the up the forestay! It gets rather messy and makes me want to get something a bit more expensive but can't quite belive that for such a well put together boat, the headsail isn't right! Has anyone any suggestions. dimensions etc?

Many thanks.

Peter B


Col Col Tue 15 Jun 2010 13:27:15 When I bought Paprika she had a rather strange forestay where the forestay itself had swivels top and bottom and a drum at the bottom but no spar. It looked like it was supposed to furl a headsail but with no spar it did not look like it would work. I removed it and stayed with the hanked jibs, which I think was the original idea. If your gear is like this I would suggest a replacement with a spar like this maybe.
Crusader Sails of Poole made me a new genoa last year from their standard database and it fits nicely so they have the correct measurements for the Manta.

Hope this helps
b.edelsten b.edelsten Mon 13 Sep 2010 17:56:56 The original furling mechanism is, I think, called a "rotostay". I use it with a normal hanked on jib. To get it to work properly, the furling cord and the jib sheets have to be in tension all the time. And the steel up-haul needs to be very tight, or the jib sags on the hanks.

Bruce Edelsten

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